N       o       s       r       i
N    O    R    L    E    E    N       N    O    S    R    I

A B O U T   T H E   A R T I S T

Her interest in the material and people has inspired her to do public art. She was awarded public art commissions by the City of Columbia, Missouri in 2013 and Emerson (for the Florissant/Ferguson School District, Missouri) in 2015. Her work, titled CommuniTea, involves the public to participate in tea ceremonies. In September of 2015, Nosri received a letter from President Obama regarding her Emerson project. In the letter, he encouraged the student bodies of McCluer Senior High School and McCluer South Berkeley to continue to get involved in more service projects like CommuniTea, the kind that can bring meaningful change to the lives of others. 

She was the artist-in-residence at the Missouri State Fair Fine Arts (2014), Ferguson/Florissant, MO School District (2015), Craft Alliance Center of Art & Design, St. Louis (2014-15) and Forsyth School, St. Louis, MO (2017).

In 2018, she started an online shop called T.O.E. Ten Of Each, where she makes & sells a limited production of handmade objects - ten of each - out of clay, fabric, wood, metal, & paper. Nosri continues to teach, work as a studio artist, and is involved in the local arts community.

​​NORLEEN NOSRI was born and raised in Malaysia. She received a BFA (2010) in Ceramics, Minor in Art History and MFA (2013) in Ceramics at the University of Missouri-Columbia under the tutelage of Bede Clarke.

In 2003, Nosri took time off from school and accepted a pottery instructor position under the mentorship of Naoma Powell (School Of Service - Access Arts). She led and taught the children's pottery program and managed the clay studio for seven years. She also taught adult classes, held demonstrations, and workshops for local elementary and high schools as well as created classes for special needs children and adults. In 2010, she transitioned to teach college-level ceramics courses as a graduate instructor and continues after her graduate program as an adjunct faculty in 3D Design and Ceramics. She has worked consistently in the studio to develop her aesthetic voice. Keeping active with peers, developing her skills and participating in exhibitions, her work has been featured in galleries and museums in Washington, Texas, Illinois, Kansas, and Missouri. 

Niche Awards 2014,

Best Functional Ceramics,

​Philadelphia, PA


​Traver Gallery

Seattle, WA

Craft Alliance Center of Art + Design

St. Louis, MO

Sager Braudis Gallery

​Columbia, MO